Most of artworks are created in a similar colors or topics with few other pieces. This is the way to go deeper in a specific topic.

One of my biggest accomplishments up to 2023 is the style I have invented. The name of the series is `ROOM`. A combination of fresh colors, mix of 60`s attributes and atmosphere and what is most important - only few characters shown through the thin contours with the contrast color, that makes it look delusional, hallucinal. Impossible to describe, but one look at these pieces would make you feel bunch on unusual feelings.
Still in process.
All works point the accent to the inner world and imagination of a viewer. Characters are a metaphor to our thoughts and emotions shown in a very unusual way. These pieces are to watch and observe for hours.
Still in process.
Probably I see the world not like most of you. For me it is full of bright colors, hidden characters and beauty of every feeling, even pain hits me like a gift. These works are my reflection to certain places.
Still in process
Work from series 'stolen' that shows what occupants stole from Ukrainians. About Ukrainian emigrants who were forced to leave homes because of the war. Trying to assimilate into foreign culture but are desperate to go home.
Still in process
Everyone has own demons, traumas and destructive thoughts. Although they make people suffer mostly, I see it as something that builds an individuality. I am sure that we need to go through our `downs` to become free and better version of ourselves and I see suffer as a thing we can enjoy too.
What I find really important is to share that you are not alone and you can go through it.
Still in process.
Series of raw, fast drawn paintings which aim is to show flash of a feeling or emotion. These are sad art pieces mostly and reflect my own sadness about certain situations.
Still in process.
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