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Series of raw, fast drawn paintings which aim is to show flash of a feeling or emotion. These are sad art pieces mostly and reflect my own sadness about certain situations.
Still in process.

Oil, pastel on canvas, 55x55 cm
how the touch of beloved person feels
Oil on canvas, 25x25
russians have already caused death of 499 children (this is official information, real amount is much higher). Despite that we need to continue to live and rise our homes from ruins, try to live happy life. This painting shows how tragically we feel all the time while continuing to live our lives.
Oil on canvas, 80x80
The idea of this painting came to me about a year ago. I was inspired by my grand father Minaev Evgeniy who was growing up in Kherson region.

When he was 4 years old Soviet Union made most part of Ukraine to suffer and die from hunger which was called 'Holodomor' genocide in History later. He survived, but unfortunately 5 of his brothers and sisters died. Little angels lost their lives for no reason.

When WW2 started, my grandfather was to young to go to army so he lived in occupied by nazis little town Olezhky and he admitted, at that time fascists where more polite with civilians than soviet police before.

When he turned 16 war red army already started pushing fascists back and all men older than 16 became a part of soviet army. So he fought and came right to Austria. And was shocked again - he saw that Europeans are not what soviet propaganda was telling about them. They where kind, smart and lived well.

My grandfather had interesting live with lots of tough tests made by soviet government. But I tenderly keep these things in my heart.

This story is same for billions of families and now is repeating again. In Bucha, Chernihiv, Mariupol and many other cities. Killed civilians, raped kids. And this is what I call 'soviet heritage' which like deathly shit is dying and dying and pulling thousands of lives to the death.

None of Ukrainians than and now don't want to be a part of 'russian world'. The whole generation was raised in Independent Ukraine, including me. And none of us don't want to have something common with this brutal, fatal and violent russian world.

They take our lives but they can't take our souls.

This artwork is dedicated to all killed people by Russians during last 100 years. And a reminder that we are strong, we have love and freedom in our hearts and none can break us.

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