Di Minaeva
Unusual contemporary art
self educated artist
You can call my paintings abstract, contemporary art, sometimes it looks like pop art, but what a stupid habit to put boundaries on everything?
Paintings that make you FEEL
What I create is a flash of unique emotions in unforgettable moments. Pain, love, fear, anxiety, happiness, ecstasy - this is what I am showing you!

In my paintings, you are going to see exactly what makes us alive! Boundaries are for losers!

Just watch and feel. Real luxury is to let yourself be who you are.

What about me?
Well, my appearance tells you that I am the most conservative lady you would meet on the internet, just look at me.

There is a tornado inside me! I used to live in a few multicultural countries, and have visited more than 20. I speak 5 languages and have my own opinion on everything, even if I know nothing about that.

I see beauty and soleness even in the most disgusting and scary things and feelings. And I am going to help you to see the same through the prism of my art.

I don't know if it is bad or good for me, my specialty is diplomacy and law, but I think I would rather change the world by being an artist.

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