Di Minaeva
Paintings that make you feel
self educated artist
I don't have degree in a field of art but I have passion to create. None taught me of boundaries and strict rules to create `perfect` and academic drawings, probably this is why my art pieces are so unique?

Beginning my artist career in 2020 I have gained lots of technics and ideas since then. I love to experiment with the materials, mixes of colors and mainly with characters.

One of my biggest accomplishments up to 2023 is the style I have invented. The name of the series is `ROOM`. A combination of fresh colors, mix of 60`s attributes and atmosphere and what is most important - only few characters shown through the thin contours with the contrast color, that makes it look delusional, hallucinal. Impossible to describe, but one look at these pieces would make you feel bunch on unusual feelings.

Paintings that make you FEEL
What I create is a flash of unique emotions in unforgettable moments. Pain, love, fear, anxiety, happiness, ecstasy - this is what I am showing you!

In my paintings, you are going to see exactly what makes us alive! No matter what you prefer: surrealism, abstract of my own style - they make you go through an experience.

Just watch and feel. Real luxury is to let yourself be who you are.

What about me?
My appearance tells you that I am the most conservative lady you would meet on the internet, but my imagination is Pandora`s box.

There is a tornado inside my head. I see beauty and soleness even in the most disgusting and scary things and feelings. And I am going to help you to see the same through the prism of my art.

I used to live in a few multicultural countries, and have visited more than 20 but, I speak 5 languages but my home and Motherland is Kyiv, Ukraine.

I don't know if it is bad or good for me, my specialty is diplomacy and law, but I think I would rather change the world and make it kinder by being an artist.

War in my country made me mature so I felt like I also have a lot to share.

First of all I made online classes with kids so we could learn how to paint together. It also worked as anti stress for them as most of the time we were hiding in bomb shelters at that moment.

Few of my works as `SOVIET HERITAGE` or painted case from the gun where sold on charity auction so I could donate to the Ukrainian army. It is very important to take even a small part in protecting the cities from the russian invasion and kids from the war crimes.

A part from each commission is also donated to the needs of Ukrainian defenders in different foundations.


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