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Unusual contemporary art. Paintings that make you FEEL

Me, Myself & I
Oil on canvas, 100x100
This work took me almost 4 months to finish. Just because mentally this art piece is very important and is my self-portrait. A huge bunch of feelings I tried to show through eyes, pose, the way I am dressed and background of course. The meaning of "No Signal" fond is that I am closed for external world's influence but at the same time I transmit my worries mixed with love and warmth.
Oil, acrylic on canvas, 65x65
This painting is going to be your reminder to be brave. Colors, shapes and objects, the paintings itself awakes your feelings and courage.
Oil on canvas, 80x80
The idea of lady with a burning piece of paper is always clear - she tries to bury and hide her wounds from the past. Every viewer finds him or herself here, someone would think that it is a burning picture with her ex, who betrayed her. You may also think that it is a paper from doctor with fatal diagnosis. Details depends on your fantasy, but the fact is common for everyone - when it hurts we need to be strong and leave it in past.
Acrylic on canvas, 120x80
Pop Art painting that remind us about hidden passion and love inside us.
Oil on canvas, 90x60
What society considers as young, wild and free is usually just a binge drinking or drug addiction. Dangerous habit makes us weak and forces not only dreams, talents, capability to enjoy life and small things to melt slowly, but also to lose your face, body youth and beauty, individuality, which is most important. And what we are left with is rumpled body and face covered with bright makeup, dyed hair, brand new clothes and fake reality of social life. The painting tells not only about alcohol and drugs.
Oil on canvas, 80x80
Social media, books, influencers - everyone teaches you how to 'love yourself'. Most people don't take these words seriously and consider this in a way of buying expensive clothes, plastic surgeries, fancy restaurants and clubs, but in the end, we don't find peace with ourselves, so the moment when we stay all alone we don't enjoy our company, we are searching for happiness ending self-destruction.

At the same time, our society imposes, so many behavior standards and fashion that people with unstable mental health can't bear this, so they feel uncomfortable and unnecessary. They just don't fit in this world. So many girls and boys can't see their spiritual and natural beauty and even butterfly seems as dung fly in the mirror.
Oil on canvas, 30x40
Common feelings such as loneliness, emptiness, rejection of reality, which we can have caused by lots of reasons. It is a consequence of toxic love. You can read everything from painting without words.
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