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One of my biggest accomplishments up to 2023 is the style I have invented. The name of the series is `ROOM`. A combination of fresh colors, mix of 60`s attributes and atmosphere and what is most important - only few characters shown through the thin contours with the contrast color, that makes it look delusional, hallucinal. Impossible to describe, but one look at these pieces would make you feel bunch on unusual feelings.
Still in process.
Oil on canvas, 120x80 cm
pure flow of imagination and collected memories.
This work represents a unique style I have developed by myself, you won't find anything similar in any collection or gallery.
Oil on canvas, 80x80
The idea of this piece is referenced to the story of famous club Studio 54 in New York and people who were coming there to have fun including nasty things ignoring their problems and mental health.
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