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Collection HEALING

Everyone has own demons, traumas and destructive thoughts. Although they make people suffer mostly, I see it as something that builds an individuality. I am sure that we need to go through our `downs` to become free and better version of ourselves and I see suffer as a thing we can enjoy too.
What I find really important is to share that you are not alone and you can go through it.
Still in process.

Oil on canvas, 80x80
Oil on canvas, 100x90
The main idea of this art piece is about the fact, that you could be very close to your dream. Literally stuck to it, but there is something you just can't have and hold. It just doesn't`t belong to you. But this is real life.
Oil on canvas, 110x110
My main topic always was complexes and unsureness.

This work is from that series.

We see a very tender and beautiful ballerina training in a mirror room.

First reflection shows us her as a little girl who is being scared to see mentally traumatized and her future.

Second reflection is almost unseen and blurred because lady can't perceive herself as she really is.

Third reflection is fat, crooked and disgusting, this is how she feels inside.
Oil on canvas, 100x90
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